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Aboriginal art on display in Nice at Keller Williams

With DZ Galerie, contemporary Aboriginal art is on display at kw Masséna.

DZ Galerie was born from the travels and childhood dreams of its founder Didier Zanette. His gallery is a precious setting in Nice, where everyone can find their share of escape, history and emotion. An expert in Oceanic art, Didier has travelled the world for 30 years, living with the tribes of Papua New Guinea, the Aborigines of Australia, the Kanak, Vanuatu and Mahoran peoples. He has travelled through Burma, Indonesia, China and West Africa to discover, collect and photograph ancestral works and know-how.

An oral culture

The Aboriginal paintings, both large and small, that hang on the walls of our 500m2 Market Centre are all from Australia. Aboriginal culture has been passed down orally from generation to generation for tens of thousands of years. It is only in recent decades that Aboriginal artists have burst onto the contemporary art scene. Taking up the themes and codes of their own culture. Among the artists presented is Abie-Loy Kemarre, born in 1972, whose works have joined the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York since 2018.

Bush Medecine Leaves Serie byr Abie-Loy Kemarre

These contemporary paintings reflect a culture that is oriented towards the earth and the elements, which you can learn about during the opening. The exhibition will continue throughout the summer.

Contact me to arrange a guided tour. The works exhibited are for sale, a catalogue is at your disposal.

Summer Time, Dreaming Time Market Center Keller Williams Masséna - 9, Avenue Gustave V 06000 Nice jusqu'au 2 septembre 2022



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