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Buyers are more than ever looking for an urban exterior

In Nice, since the ordeal of lockdown, the demand of buyers is concentrated on properties with, at worst a balcony, at best a terrace, more or less large.

The question of a city flat with an exterior is no longer an optional extra. This is what emerges from the requests that I have been receiving for several months from not only foreign but also local buyers. This criterion, which in the past could evolve according to the whim or the budget, no longer holds today. Lockdown events has come to an end. Most buyers no longer consider buying a property in Nice without a terrace or balcony. The attitude is such that I often hear requests that are incompatible or even unfeasible with the type of building or the sector sought.

"Looking for a large Bourgeois flat in the centre, quiet, with a large terrace and above all without vis-à-vis, and a nice view."

While everyone has their own definition of an acceptable exterior in the city, the question of square metres, whether under the sky or not, still divides would-be buyers. There are those who will be satisfied with 10m2, while others will swear by double or triple that amount to establish a minimum living space. And don't think it's just a matter of budget. Within the same couple, it is as if the size of the terrace has become the judge of peace between - to put it simply - the pure city dweller and the countryman. The fantasy of being able to escape to one's own terrace, to turn it into a hanging garden or an annex to one's flat is a perfectly legitimate desire, except that it is not always easy to reconcile the two worlds. In Nice, unless you target the seafront; Promenade des Anglais, Quai des Etats-Unis, Rauba Capeù, quays of the port, to name but a few sectors, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to find a flat - on a high floor, another common criterion - without a direct view, with a flattering view.

What is valid - and still not always - on the hills of Mont Boron, Rimiez, Cimiez, Fabron, Napoleon III, in terms of architecture, surface area of the terraces, is not valid in the city centre in older buildings. Is this obvious? Of course, there is always the exception that confirms the rule, but in this case, one cannot reasonably want everything and its opposite in real estate. Some buyers who are driven by this level of demand will quickly realise this after their first enquiries or their first visits. In contact with the reality of the market.

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