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Choose Nice district by district

Advantages and disadvantages of investing in the main districts of Nice

Here is a list of some popular neighborhoods in Nice, with their pros and cons. It should be noted that opinions on neighborhoods may vary based on personal preference, and this list does not cover all areas of Nice.

  1. Old Nice Advantages: Historic charm, narrow and picturesque streets, lively atmosphere, numerous restaurants, bars and shops, proximity to the beach. Disadvantages: Streets often crowded with tourists, lack of green spaces, difficult access by car, sometimes cramped accommodation.

  2. The Port Advantages: Authentic atmosphere, pretty marina, numerous restaurants, friendly atmosphere, proximity to the town centre. Disadvantages: Sometimes noisy neighborhood due to maritime traffic and port activities, few green spaces, some areas less well maintained.

  3. Carré d'Or Advantages: Chic and residential district, luxury shops, renowned hotels, proximity to beaches, beautiful tree-lined avenues. Cons: High cost of living, high property prices, heavy traffic, lack of parking, area frequented by tourists.

  4. Cimiez Advantages: Quiet residential area, beautiful gardens and parks, proximity to the Matisse museum and the Chagall museum, panoramic view of Nice, village atmosphere. Disadvantages: Distance from the city center, limited public transport (no tram, only bus), limited commercial offer, absence of nightlife.

  5. Liberation Advantages: Lively market, local shops, friendly atmosphere, good public transport connections, developing neighborhood and well served by public transport. Disadvantages: Some less attractive sectors, heavy car traffic, lack of green spaces, sometimes old housing.

  6. Mont Boron Advantages: Panoramic view of the sea, quiet residential area, many hiking trails, proximity to the port and beaches, peaceful atmosphere. Disadvantages: Distance from the city center, hilly terrain, more difficult access by public transport, limited commercial offer.

  7. Fabron Advantages: Family residential area, many condominiums with swimming pool and green spaces, sea view or glimpse, calm. A lot of turnover on 3 rooms. Disadvantages: heavy traffic on the hills, few local shops, rising property prices.

  8. Saint-Roch Advantages: Booming neighborhood, good public transport connections, proximity to downtown, many shops and restaurants, multicultural atmosphere. Disadvantages: Neighborhood under renovation, some areas less well maintained, heavy traffic, lack of green spaces.

It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive and that there are many other neighborhoods in Nice, each with its own characteristics and particularities. It is recommended to visit the neighborhoods that interest you and take into account your own criteria and preferences when choosing a neighborhood to live in Nice.



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