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Communication is the keystone of our relationship

Selling a property deserves optimal exposure and a lot of discussion between us. All the more so in turbulent times.

Communication is the key to any relationship. As the agent in charge of selling your property, I will make sure to keep you informed on a regular basis, which is the least I can do. However, this is what real estate agents are often accused of; neglecting exchanges with principals. On this point in particular, I am different

From the moment the property is put up for sale to the signing of the deed of sale, you will know exactly what actions have been taken, what progress has been made, and the various stages of the transaction.

For example, I will provide you with a monthly summary of the attractiveness of your property. You will know on which real estate platforms your property is distributed, its level of commitment, requests for information, the number of telephone calls and email exchanges. When a client or a fellow agent visits your property, I will share their comments with you.

I will also communicate in the way that suits you best. Skype, Zoom ? Phone call, voice message, email, sms, WhatsApp? You decide on your preferred medium and the frequency of communication.

Call me now to arrange a personal study.

Jean-Christophe DIMINO, kw agent +33 6 16 95 70 83 -



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