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Everything you need to know to sell your property to an i-Buyer

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i-buying, in other words instant real estate purchase - or almost - is an emerging business model in the world of housing. In the United States where it was created, this would today represent around 1% of annual sales. Here's an overview of the benefits for sellers.


i-buying first appeared in the United States in the early 2010s. The company Zillow was one of the pioneers in this field with the launch of its "Zillow Offers" service in 2018. Since then, a few Companies, including startups such as Opendoor, Offerpad, and Redfin, have joined the i-buying market. In France, the market leader platform created in 2016 is called Homeloop.


1. Convenience : Buyers and sellers can conduct real estate transactions entirely online, eliminating many of the hassles associated with traditional real estate sales, such as showings, negotiations, etc.

2. Speed : i-buying transactions are generally fast. Sellers can receive an offer from the solicited platform in just a few days, and the sale can be completed within 30 to 40 days, which is significantly faster than the traditional real estate sales process.

3. Price transparency : i-buying platforms use algorithms to estimate home prices, making the process more transparent and often eliminating the need for complex price negotiations.

4. Less uncertainty : Offers from online buyers are often firm and without financing conditions, which means that sellers have the certainty that the sale will be made at that price, thus eliminating the risk of last minute withdrawals.

5. Less hassle : With i-buying, sellers avoid the hassle linked to delays, the risk of withdrawal, repairs to be carried out before the sale, the numerous visits necessary and the sometimes endless negotiations with potential buyers.

6. Flexibility : Sellers can often choose the closing date that works best for them, allowing them to plan accordingly.

7. Access to liquidity : Sellers who find themselves in emergency situations (joint ownership, inheritance, bridge credit) can obtain money very quickly, which further reduces their holding costs.

Please note that i-buying may not be suitable for all sellers. Properties located in areas with a less buoyant property market or those requiring extensive repairs may not be eligible for i-buying. In addition, the fees associated with i-buying are on average twice as high as the fees of traditional real estate agencies.



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