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Choose an influent and local Agent from Nice

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The latest segment transcripted from the new version of my podcast.

How can i use my skills my knowledge, reputation, energy to help my clients in the best way ? How can i put myself at your service ? You, coming from abroad, attracted by the French way of life, our restaurants, our bakeries, our cafés, our wines, our architecture, thousands of churches, cathedrals... Anyway, France gets is own Art de vivre - art of living - i’m talking to you who might fantasize our history, landscapes, cities, countryside, and coastline. When it comes to buy a house or an apartment in France, on The French Riviera, you will have to choose the good agent who will chase for you.

My standards

No need to multiply. Just hire one ! The One who will bring, as i said, his own knowledge of the ground. His expertise, his own relationships into the local market of real estate. He knows the neighborhoods, he knows the coming listings. Someone you will understand your wills and make you save time and money. This guy, you know what, this is me for sure ! Why ? Not simply because i say it but because you can hear it in my podcast. I’ve got the experience, i’ve got the database, i’ve got the education and the trainings provided by Keller Williams Luxury. I’ve got all the digital marketing tools. And because i’m not just a solo agent. I’m part of a big team. Our Masséna Market Center is one of the biggest agencies in the city of Nice - nearly 90 Agents affiliated. Plus, we’re proud to have been awarded as the number one Market Center in France last year (2021).

if you’re from the US or Canada, you may know that Keller Williams is huge there : over 200 000 agents in the world now. 56 countries covered including United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and... France which is today the region number one of KW inc franchise outside North America. So, i’m here to help. Here to find the property you would love to buy in France and especially on the French Riviera. I build my reputation and my network both inside and outside KW branch. I collaborate with all the biggest competitors on the local market. It’s not a big deal because we’re on the same boat.

For those reasons, you can count on me. Dont’ hesitate. First step, subscribe to this podcast, there are many interesting segments to come. Then find me on the web. You’ll get the main links on Google. Looking forward to work together. Sure we will make the deal. Hope to see you one day on the French Riviera.



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