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In which cities of the Côte d'Azur to invest as real estate

Updated: May 15, 2023

Face to face of the most attractive coastal towns in terms of real estate.

Here are the main cities of the French Riviera, accompanied by their advantages and disadvantages in terms of real estate investment. All this can obviously vary according to the evolution of the real estate market and personal preferences.

  1. Nice Advantages: Strong rental demand, tourist attraction, excellent infrastructure, international airport, presence of universities, variety of real estate available. Disadvantages: High property prices in some areas, increased competition in the rental market, some neighborhoods can be more touristy and seasonal.

  2. Cannes Advantages: International renown thanks to the Cannes Film Festival, dynamic rental market during festivals and events, beautiful promenade along the Croisette, good connectivity. Disadvantages: High real estate prices in popular areas, seasonality of business and tourism, some areas can be very touristy and busy.

  3. Antibes Advantages: Historic charm, beautiful old town, proximity to Sophia Antipolis (technology hub), attractive marinas and beaches, relatively affordable real estate market. Cons: High competition in the rental market, some areas can be densely populated, heavy traffic during peak tourist season.

  4. Saint-Tropez Advantages: Popular destination for celebrities and luxury, high demand for high-end rentals, lively atmosphere, beautiful beaches and nightlife, good potential for capital appreciation. Disadvantages: Very high real estate prices, marked seasonality with high summer influx, limited real estate market in terms of availability.

  5. Menton Advantages: Charm of the old town, mild climate, proximity to the Italian border, festivals and cultural events, real estate offer more affordable than some other cities on the Côte d'Azur. Disadvantages: Less tourist infrastructure than some other cities, less economic dynamism, limited public transport to other major cities.

  6. Villefranche-sur-Mer Advantages: Mediterranean charm, beautiful bay, peaceful atmosphere, proximity to Nice and Monaco, attractive real estate market for second homes and seasonal rentals. Disadvantages: Limited real estate supply, relatively high prices, some neighborhoods may lack amenities.

  7. Monaco Advantages: International reputation, low taxation, high-end and exclusive real estate market, excellent quality of life, proximity to the sea and luxury services. Disadvantages: Extremely high real estate prices, limited supply and high competition, strict requirements for real estate investment, high cost of living.

It is important to note that real estate is a dynamic market and that it is essential to do thorough research, to consult real estate professionals.



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