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Mini-series of the summer, Frank Sinatra's Villa Maggio is for sale

This summer, I've put together an audio mini-series about houses that belonged to international stars.

To close season III of Avenue Gustave V podcast in style, a little dream and escape. We stay in the theme of high-end real estate or even hyperluxury. Here is a mini-series on these star houses for sale for a few handfuls of dollars...

Episode number 1: Villa Maggio

First star of my summer list - top of the list, a number one - It is Franck Sinatra.

Direction Palm Desert, 40km as the crow flies from Palm Springs in California. At the gates of the desert, but in altitude is the Villa Maggio. A country house, a big chalet if you like, which belonged to Mr. Sinatra himself. Built in 1967 and named after the famous character who won him an Oscar in the film From Here to Eternity, Villa Maggio is a property that is now for sale, still in its original state. A property of 7 hectares that culminates at the top of a mountain overlooking the Coachella Valley, a site chosen because it is much cooler than the arid desert soil.

Here, Sinatra is said to have organized memorable parties. His friends from Hollywood, but also politicians, high dignitaries and some crowned heads would have come to spend a few hours, a few days perhaps of rest all... relative.

Villa Maggio consists of a main house of 500m2 with five bedrooms and a guest house with three bedrooms. Built in wood and local stone - grey and red - the house has a 360° view without direct neighborhood. There is a swimming pool with a pool house with an extra room, a sauna, a tennis court, parking for 24 vehicles. And many, many cacti as plant decoration.

At the time Frank Sinatra had a helipad built, which is still there, to receive his Rat Pack buddies.

Inside, some period details have been restored. Unlike some former celebrity homes, the Maggio villa is virtually identical to the one where the Crooner lived.

Isolated but accessible, the property is only 20 minutes from the luxury stores and restaurants of Palm Desert and El Paseo. Plenty of space to make it an artist's home or a recording studio, the choice is yours.

Villa Maggio is for sale at $4,250,000.



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