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Real Estate properties that sell fast, and the others...

I am often asked the question, how do you explain this unequal treatment? Here is a study of a real case that I can testify to.

Why do some properties sell quickly while others get stuck on the market ? Without any triumphalism, because it is necessary to remain humble but aware of one's qualities, I wanted to share my latest experience in this matter: the sale of a townhouse in an express timeframe, to buyers who were won over at first sight. Or almost.

This is a beautiful story that is far from being an exception. For my part, I notice that each year on average 3 to 4 of my transactions are completed very quickly. And most often at the asking price. Which is still the case in this particular example. Statistically speaking, some agents may have to do better than me. It doesn't really matter. The main thing is to analyze why and how this kind of quick sale happens.

Real estate is not an exact science, but a conjunction of events, a series of actions that lead to results. I also see that certain attitudes are more likely than others to lead to success.

So here we are in the quiet district of Poets in Nice-North. A hill of a few hectares, between the boulevard Gorbella and the district of Saint-Maurice, on which a series of bourgeois houses dating from the beginning of the 20th century are built. A preserved setting that harks back to a bygone era when a nearby river, Le Gorbellon, flowed and fed the watercress fields as far as the eye could see. Then, the countryside receded and the first concrete buildings grew like weeds, starting in the 1960s.

The real estate crush, a question of repetition

Built in the 1920s, the house we are looking at has everything to please. A product prized by upper middle class families. It has a large garden, a nice sunny aspect and a lot of volume inside: 4 bedrooms, a double living room, a dining room, a mezzanine, all on about 200m2 of living space spread over 3 levels.

You can see it on the pictures, it has a lot of charm. Yes, but it is not always enough.

The owners just had the intelligence to consult local real estate professionals, including myself, beforehand. They simply followed our recommendations: clean up the decoration, de-clutter, refresh part of their property - ceiling and wall paintings - in order to stand out from the market. And above all, the marketing price was thought out, adjusted, even fiercely debated. The clients could have been stubborn. They could have gone for the simplest solution, inflated the price beyond what was reasonable, and done whatever they wanted. No, they chose to establish a clear strategy. In short, they prepared their sales project well. That said, they never thought it could go so fast... Once the sale mandate was signed, I informed my clients and alerted my colleagues at the kw agency. Everything went smoothly.

The house sold in a few hours, from the second visit. A family from Montpellier literally fell in love with the house they had been looking for for months. A 100% Keller Williams transaction in collaboration with my colleague Cécile Boyer. This is what we call a long sale... but it was also an expressive one: offer at the price submitted in January, compromise a few weeks later and signature in the summer. Sellers and buyers agreed on this timing, which suited them both, for reasons of school calendar on the one hand, and to give themselves time to find their next property on the other. Today, the two families are in the boxes. The keys will be handed over next month.

Another beautiful story of transmission. This is what motivates me every day in this job.

So, what can we learn from this case study?

1 / Prepare your sales project well

2 / Consult and accept the recommendations of those who master their market

3 / Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your property

4 / Rectify, improve what can be improved

5 / Also believe in luck ;)

If your property has been on the market for too long without finding a buyer, start again at 1/.

The Poets and Chambrun districts in Nice are full of highly sought-after properties - houses and apartments.

Perfectly at ease with this northern part of Nice, it is my favorite area since always.

For any sale or purchase project in Nice, contact Jean-Christophe DIMINO - Agent KW

+33 6 16 95 70 83 /



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