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The history of this property for sale dates back to the year 1035

Updated: May 19, 2021

In the south-west of France, this old Castle that I market will have been an influential Priory for over 700 years.

The flagship building of a village of 600 souls, "Le Château" de Pommevic - Pomarium Vicus in Latin - is featured on the coat of arms of this village in the Tarn-et-Garonne, near the river and the Canal des Deux Mers. One of the stages of the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle path (Camino de Santiago).

It is an ancient Priory dating from 1035, closely linked to the history of the neighbouring church of Saint Denis, in Romanesque style, which was consecrated by three bishops in 1052.

Attached to the Abbey of Moissac a few kilometres away, this place of worship was one of the richest of its time. The lord of the place, who was then called "Monsieur de Pommevic", assumed the office of Prior and presented the curacy.

"Sold for the first time in January 1791, by order of the king, for the sum of 6000 Louis, France's currency at that time".

This Castle with its 500 m2 of living space in 14 rooms, its round tower and its square tower, has had several lives.

Remarkable for its stone and brick facades, its 60 m2 (3x20) entrance hall distributing the main rooms, its 9 bedrooms, its listed monumental gate, its outbuildings, its courtyard, its wooded park with a well, this property is for sale at that price : 599,000 euros.

Architectural details

Coffered ceilings, old wall fabric, carved wooden and marble fireplaces, carpet mosaics, double doors, monumental stone staircase, large vaulted cellar, loopholes, towers, tiled roof, south-facing terrace made of Bruniquel stone, attic, garage, canopy, stables with Tuscan-style columned terraces, monumental wooden gateway dating back to the 17th century and listed.

A collateral victim of the Wars of Religion, then of the Fronde, the Priory was almost destroyed in the middle of the 17th century. Rebuilt in 1750, it was extensively redesigned in the 19th century.

Since the separation of Church and State, this castle has had only a handful of owners.

So will you be the next ones ?

For all sales projects, contact Jean-Christophe DIMINO - Agent KW

+33 6 16 95 70 83 /

On request, additional photos and video.

A family home or why not a guest house ? Or even a hotel or a restaurant?

You should know that there is no shortage of local and departmental aid for setting up a business" told us Jean-Paul Delachoux, mayor of Pommevic.

The place, situated near Moissac and Auvillar, is one of the stages of the Compostela route. The faithful would undoubtedly be sensitive to the spirit of the place.

Place of prayer for over 700 years

Over the centuries, the Priory has had an innumerable community of priors, some of whose names remain engraved in the local annals:

1052 - Durand de Bredon, Abbé de Moissac

1097 - Arnaud Guillaume et son fils

1135 - Guillermus Aymery de Peyrac

1255 - Arnaud d'Aragon

1274 - Guillaume d'Orgulh

1309 - Boniface de Durefort

1395 - Arnaud de Saint-Geniès

1410 - Antoine de Narbonne

1500 - M. de Carmaing, Abbé de Moissac

1583 - T.C. de Chasettes

1597 - François d'Andrieu de Fonlongue

1610 - Robert de Raymond

1629 - Jean de la Valette Cornusson, Abbé de Beaulieu

1659 - François de Potier

1697 - Pierre de Roux

1717 - Jean Dupont

1730 - Hugues de la Serre, vicaire général de l'Évêque d'Agen

1752 - Me Guillaume Mauranes, prêtre de la congrégation de la mission

1772 - Nicolas de Maurans

1791 - M. Gillis et Vidalot, réfractaires aux ordres du Directoire remplacés par MM. La Coste et Cantagrill



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