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The value of property valuation for any seller

We explain the advantages of the concept with these two property developers.

It is a 100 m2 flat that was completely empty. For its sale, the Aude & Sandra team has completely rearranged and furnished it. The two accomplices were able to give an extra touch of soul to this 4-room apartment located in the Malausséna-Libération district in the centre of Nice. The result is amazing.

This property development service adds value to your property. A service that complements the advisory role provided by a real estate agent

At the very end of the podcast - from the 16th minute onwards - my colleague Katharina introduced us to this sublime 18th century Venetian-style house in the Mount Boron area, just a stone's throw from the seaside. I cannot resist the pleasure of sharing these pictures with you.

An 11-room house for 460m2 for sale at 3 200 000 €

For any sale or purchase project, please contact me : Jean-Christophe DIMINO, Agent KW at +33 6 16 95 70 83 /



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