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The virtual viewing is gaining ground

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Since the entry into force of partial lockdown, buyers adopted virtual viewings. Hence the fundamental interest of these tools for digitising the space.

Don't ask me why, but since last year, our profession has been mobilised in high places. We had to be patient, and during weeks it was impossible to show our mandates to potential buyers. In spite of the sanitary protocols - distancing, wearing a mask, freezing - the progression of the virus imposed new measures. We bowed our heads.

Fortunately, there is the virtual tour!

First of all, what exactly is it ? Well, it's basically the capture of a floor-to-ceiling environment - 360 degrees - and its reproduction in the form of a simulation in which the visitor can interact as he or she pleases, moving back and forth in the space, zooming in, or clicking on specific areas in search of additional information.

"In 2007, Google launched its Street View service as a complement to Google Map, a simple 2D map."

The first lock down made it possible to democratise this service among the general public. Today, as history repeats itself, it has become an indispensable part of our marketing toolbox. It is no longer possible to market a property without providing, in addition to the photographic report, the modelling of a property in Virtual tour 360° - another name for the virtual visit - carried out thanks to different types of cameras. Then, a bit like video editing, these files must be assembled and broadcast on the web in a player that is as intuitive as possible.

For my part, with the support of kw Masséna, for the past two years all my assignments have been systematically accompanied by a 360° visit.

Nothing can replace the feeling you get when you physically visit a property. It is obvious. The virtual visit has at least the merit of allowing candidates to buy:

1. To avoid unnecessary travel in normal times

2. To make a first impression. In short, to sort through the advertisements on offer

3. To confirm your choice afterwards. After a conclusive visit, it is the best way to come back as many times as you want and even to share the link by asking for the opinion of your brother or your best friend

And last but not least. It costs you nothing. You don't have to pay anything up front.

It's on the house! Isn't life great?

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