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Who else knows my job better ?

If you are in the process of buying or selling a property, why not take advantage of the recommendations of a local property expert ?

Real estate is one of the favourite topics of conversation in France. Not everyone has a buying or selling project in the pipeline, but everyone is on the alert. On the lookout for information. And as there is no shortage of experience in this field, people talk to their colleagues at work to ask for their informed opinion. We turn to our friends, family and the media.

Suddenly, you are sensitive to the latest press coverage, to the slightest news item, the slightest report that talks about real estate. In the end, you come close to an overdose of information, you even end up believing that you've covered everything, that you've formed an opinion. But you rarely consult an estate agent. Or as a last resort. Why? Because that's the way it is. Because that's the way it is. It's probably a question of trust.

But do you think that a journalist who flies over his or her subject without even going anywhere, that your office colleague, your uncle - who no doubt has his own experience - who knows what else, is in a better position than a professional anchored in the reality of a local market? Think about it. Do they know more or less than the person whose job it is to orchestrate transactions week after week?

Do you think that an agent who walks the same territory every day, who meets dozens of sellers every year, and as many or more buyers, who is in contact with almost all the notary offices in the area, brokers, renovation companies, and specialists in the sector, do you think that his or her voice carries weight in this field? Does a professional agent deserve to be heard because of the demands of the field? I tell you - in all subjectivity - yes, his voice is valuable. And it is valuable.

In short, why do without this wealth of information, this local expertise? We are, I am, at the source of the information. At the front line. Whether you are in the process of buying or selling, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this knowledge. Especially in such a context of profound upheaval.

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