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All about the progressive auction

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Interactive selling - or progressive selling - arrives in force at Keller Williams Masséna in Nice

The Keller Williams France network is innovating by offering an alternative to the traditional marketing process. The so-called interactive sale - or progressive sale - is a new method in phase with the current socio-economic context. This solution is adapted to new consumer behaviors.

How does it work?

Progressive selling is a new sales mechanism. It allows you to obtain offers more quickly from buyers who can outbid you without any price limit. Like an auction system, but more favorable to the seller, a starting price is set and the time limit for submitting bids is established. Everything is done at the time of a visit or online, in complete security and transparency. The buyers are in a state of healthy competition. At any time, the seller can accept or refuse an offer if it does not meet his expectations. At each stage, his Keller Williams agent accompanies him and verifies the validity of the offers.

As inflation gallops and interest rates rise, the most credit-worthy buyers will regain power.

Knowingly overestimating the price of your property in the hope that a miracle will occur is nowadays counterproductive, if not totally vain.

Successive price cuts damage the image of a property for sale. An apartment or a house is a perishable commodity like any other. You have to know how to create desire. It is my job to advise you well.

More than ever, the buyer wants to have the feeling of making a good deal. Let's give him this opportunity without losing sight of our interest as sellers.

When a property is too expensive for his taste, the buyer passes his way, he does not waste time. Often, he doesn't even deign to make a lower offer. He zaps, and moves on to the next one.

This method is very common in the United States and Northern Europe and is available from Nice at Keller Williams Masséna.

It allows the seller to :

1/ Get attention thanks to a posted sale price open to bids

2/ Obtain offers in a short time, possibly higher than his expectations

3/ Save time (several months)

4/ Keep control of the negotiation from start to finish

So, when do we start?

A project of sale or purchase. Contact me: Jean-Christophe DIMINO, Agent KW 06 16 95 70 83 /


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