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Discover the value of your property on the French Riviera

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

A successful sales project starts with a realistic evaluation.

Let me invite you to evaluate the real estate market of Nice and the French Riviera in a few seconds.

Hyper local information, verified and updated by our Keller Williams teams. A precious help for your reflection

So, where does it happen? Directly on my website:

Click here 👉 and fill in the address of your property.

These factual data will then be adjusted according to the intrinsic value of your property. This is obviously something that can only be apprehended by going on site.

This is my approach to what is called "Opinion of Value" or "Estimate". It is free and without obligation. One of my quality standards.

In Nice in particular, we are still in a seller's market due to the low volume of available properties. The demand remains strong with Parisian and foreign clients.



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