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Heinrich Dressel signs a very original soundtrack of Cimiez, Nice

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

This is an electronic ode to Nice's poshest neighbourhood.

The impression we keep of a place is often linked to colours, scents, laughter or silence. In other words, emotions that are as much visual as they are audible. So when you are a musician, the phenomenon is necessarily multiplied tenfold. The Italian producer Valerio Lombardozzi, alias Henrich Dressel, has been an adopted citizen of Nice since the spring of 2020 and shares his perception of Nice as a place to live. It is to be discovered on streaming platforms in an EP released in mid-June 2022. Five tracks that can be found under the generic title of The Promenade. The wanderings of a 44 year old Roman exile lost in a mysterious Nice - in full confinement - after having found love there.

Italo Disco but not too much

Heinrich composes as a worthy heir to Giorgio Moroder. His retro-minimalist universe is cleverly cinematographic and gently melancholic. His discography, which began in the 2000s, is played on stage as a solo act or with other musicians. His productions can be found in horror films - his preference - and in documentaries. The synthesizers revisit sounds that have fallen into the collective unconscious, echoing the 70s and 80s.

I'll let you discover the track entitled Cimiez which closes this new EP.

Cimiez by Heinrich Dressel is the antithesis of the image of a purely bourgeois and conservative district. This 5 minutes piece offers a gateway to the whole of the scores of an Italian artist whose pseudonym was borrowed from a German archaeologist - also born in Rome - in the 19th century.



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