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Home Staging affects the final selling price

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Tastes and colours, you may say... Except that the styling and staging of your interior will undeniably give it more or less value in the eyes of a buyer.

"In the real estate language, decoration rhymes more than ever with valuation."

It is an indisputable fact from the buyer's point of view that visiting a high-end or even luxury property must respect certain imperative criteria. The first of these is an interior decoration that makes you want to move in. Obviously, it is difficult to please everyone. And then, it's all a succession of codes dictated by the spirit of the times, you're right. That said, as an agent dedicated to the sale of this type of property, I can assure you that it doesn't matter what style or generation the sellers are. It's all about atmosphere and presentation. Beyond the layout of a house or a flat, the furniture and decoration weigh heavily in the assessment of the selling price.

So, how much more?

This is the question that a seller is entitled to ask : how much of my interior decoration should be included in the selling price? This is often the subject of a discussion between the seller and his agent. It is impossible to set a percentage in stone. There are several possible scenarios.

1 - the property is sold fully furnished

2 - the seller will leave with most of the furniture

3 - the buyer wants to renovate and furnish to his own taste

In the first case, it is a win-win situation for the seller and the buyer. The seller will be able to profit from purchases that he has been able to enjoy for some time. For his part, the buyer saves time by choosing a turnkey environment. He will also save a little money (residually) on the notary fees. Depending on the amount, however, beware of the subsequent resale and therefore the capital gain that could be realised without the furniture.

In the second case, the atmosphere created by the decoration may lead the buyer to offer additional money to buy this or that accessory or furniture. To be negotiated by mutual agreement. Again, a win-win situation.

In the third case, the general presentation of the property will help you to project yourself into an interior that the buyer will want to personalise. Thus, the current decoration of the premises can reassure him. A sort of benchmark in the purchase project.

In any case, never forget that a property for sale is subject to sometimes severe competition on the local property market. I would be happy to advise you on this point.

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