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I'm your buyer Agent on the French Riviera

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

New podcast segments to come in an English speaking version.

My name is Jean-Christophe DIMINO, local Keller Williams Luxury Agent on The French Riviera. I am working with this great Luxury international division in France. Based in Nice, on the French Riviera, i'am aware to be lucky working all around From St tropez to Cannes, Nice of course, St jean Cap Ferrat, Roquebrune-Cap Martin and even Monaco - Monte Carlo if you need. Who am i ? I'm 51, former journalist thrilled to be part of the real estate industry since 2018. Born and raised here, i know a lot. I have got a huge database, i'm quite good at networking, marketing, searching and finding, then selling houses and apartments. All kind of properties you are looking after !

I'm here to help you to find the good one. And i'm here - guys from KW - to be in charge of you referrals. Okay, let's do it. Let's keep in touch. Send me your expectations, what you need, what you like and let's do business together. This summer, i will record new segments in addition to the french speaking podcast Avenue Gustave V. Don't forget to email me, text me, call if you need anything. Thank you. I'm sure we will have fun working together.

Specific local market in the world

Think large. Do not perfect but just do it. That’s my goal with this update. Connecting more international clients by podcasting in English… in addition to the regular insights i will continue to share in my native language.

Coming next: tips and information about how to buy in France and what to find for sale on the French Riviera, or even in Paris. Very specific real estate local market in the world.



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