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Real estate, a divinatory art?

Wait a moment, I'll get my crystal ball...

Is real estate a divinatory art ? Some days, forgive me, I would tend to think so.

I talk to so many buyers who are obviously convinced that it is... I'm talking about those phone calls about the house/apartment mandates I'm in charge of. Regularly, I find myself answering a flood of more or less precise, more or less technical questions - well, that's my job, no problem - but beyond the police interrogation to which I willingly submit, I often find myself having to answer indirect questions, to preconceived ideas on the part of my interlocutors. Questions that are more of an intuitive or clairvoyant nature. I won't go into details, it just seems to me that the time is ripe for a generalized distrust of public speech and therefore of commercial arguments. The lack of face-to-face contact, the omnipresence of screens behind which we hide and believe we are invested with a mission to track down the truth, to foil all kinds of traps, all this distorts interactions and disrupts relations between humans. Even more so when it comes to transactions.

"Pardon mais certains jours, je me pose la question."

In my profession - real estate - all it takes is one photo, one angle of view, one detail in the décor to start the fabrication machine. And here I am in the role of the one who has to recontextualize, to rectify this or that false assertion, to answer to the speculations simply. No, real estate is not a divinatory art. Don't rely on the photos that flash before your eyes. Don't make up your mind alone behind your screen. Call the agent, even if it means asking crazy questions, making mistakes, or confusing it with another property you liked, it doesn't matter. I understand if you knew. There are so many alerts, so many requests that you lose track. So, move around, come on the spot. Say exactly what you are looking for. Don't hide anything about your intentions, your financial means. Be confident. Mistrust is toxic, my friends! Real estate is not a divinatory art, it's a public speaking art. Yes, I know it may surprise you. It's not all stone, concrete, and zeros behind...

We'll talk about it when you want.

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